How To Kiss A Girl On The Lips – 7 Steps

kissing-coupleHave you found your desirable girl yet? If so, have you taken the first step of kissing her so as to kick off the relationship between you and her? If nothing happened so far, you can consider going a bit further to kiss her on the lips to see if she accepts you or not. Before you take this step, here are some tips that you should always consider so as not to make things awkward or sloppy.

1. Fresh Breath

If you intend to kiss the girl, you need to freshen your breath first, such as brush your teeth or eat a mint, and don’t eat any strong smelling foods, such as garlic or spring onions; those foods cause your breath to have an odour smell. When you kiss the girl on her lips with bad breath, she must think your kiss is awkward and weird; even worse, she might not see you again.

2. Chit-Chat

1578688656When you meet the girl, don’t go directly to the dating talk, instead you can have a chit-chat with her so as to make the girl feel relaxed and confident to stay with you a bit longer. The longer she stays with you, the more chances you will have to kiss her.

3. Facial Expression

When you stand in front of her or sit beside her, the girl will constantly look up at your face and gain eye contact with you to show if she is interested in the conversation. Grab the chance, sit a bit closer to her, and slowly and gently hold her hand or place her one hand on your lap, and if you see her face filled with pleasure, and listening to your talking, the signal shows that you can take the step a bit further, lean your upper body forward and tip her chin intending to kiss her. If she doesn’t refuse your intention, at least you won her at the first stage.

4. Make Your Lips Wet

No girl likes the man to kiss her with his dry lips. Your wet lips make you look attractive; in the meantime, when your lips touch hers, she will feel a tender pleasure from your lips.

5. Eye Contact

Because normally girls like to constantly look up at men, so if the girl looks at your eyes and you can see she might feel shy, in that case, you can hold her back with your hand to convince and encourage her to accept you. Move your head forward and tenderly and smoothly kiss her lips. In the meantime, place another hand on her chin and slightly hold her face. Don’t kiss her lips too hard, and your gentle lip kissing will make her want you more. Please don’t suck her lips, instead brush her lips with your lips and still stay on lip kissing.

6. Pause And Whisper In Her Ear

Pause and stop where you are, and whisper some sweet words in her ear and make her feel a bit shy about your action to her.

7. Go For It And Repeat The Lip Kiss Again

When you feel that the girl completely accepts you, and you can go for it and repeat the lip kissing again. At this stage, you can use your lips press on hers, and let her feel your affection and enthusiasm, and start your kiss, such as French-kissing.

Congratulations! You have learned how to kiss the girl’s lips. I know it may take time to get to this step, it does require your courage and confidence. And at this stage, if you are in that situation, it means that you did win her heart.

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