Ride Him like A Stallion

5220I would hope that many of you ladies out there are doing this tonight but before you do, here comes the question, what if we are doing it wrong? I received a letter from a reader, Tanya from Florida, who asked about the “ON TOP” position. She expresses that this position is very awkward for her. She desperately wants learn some moves so she can pleasure her man.

Well Tanya, I want to say that every woman has felt awkwardness on top from time to time. It’s mostly due to naturally being apart of the female species. When we are in this position, we are exposing ourselves fully to our partners. In this position, yes, a man can see all of “what we think” are flaws. We think inside our heads (SCREAMING OMG) I’m jiggling and bouncing like a whale, my fat is wiggling, my tits are too small or too saggy. He can see my stretch marks or cottage cheese thighs. My knees hurt, I’m too slow or to fast, have no rhythm. I don’t know if I feel good to him AHHHHHH….worry, worry, worry……..that is really ALL it is! Yes, I am basically saying its in your head! It’s time to relax, be brave and master some technique.

A man will really see his sexy kitten climbing on top of him and teasing him with her rubbing her sensual spot all over him. He will love your body sliding all over him. He will touch you all over (because he can’t stop touching you) and appreciate your beauty and sexiness because you are simply beautiful.

First things first- FOREPLAY. FOREPLAY. FOREPLAY. It’s vitally important for a woman if you want to truly enjoy the on top position. I say this because it takes a woman a little bit of time to warm up. A woman’ s cervix will raise up when fully excited personally I find, that this makes sex on top more comfortable plus who doesn’t want to play with their partner before having sex?

de-gea-e1461158061432When you are on top and you have your knees down, try tilting your pelvis up when going up and down. This position is not a marathon ladies…feel free to take your time, slowly slip him almost all the way out before devouring him again. This is very stimulating and will change the way it feels for you inside. Next, enjoy the rolling method which can also be enjoyed in reverse cowgirl position. If you roll your hips back and forth instead of up and down, that creates a great sensation for both you and him. This is the position where if he is all the way inside you, you can reach the your G spot for OMG pleasure and experience that (a must have) deep pelvic orgasm. Have your man grab your hips and help pull you back and forth for added excitement. For a brief moment take a look into his face…you will witness him enjoying this right before your very eyes…how hot is that? Very hot if you ask me! If in the reverse position, lean forward and stick your ass up (smack my ass) and then go deep…ahhh. I like this one! Particularly because that is how I discovered another G spot. Yes ladies, we have more than one.

Also a great tip I call my porn star move. Get off your knees and get on your feet (or one leg is your unable to feel stable) When you are sliding up and down him, besides the amazing view your man will enjoy, if his hand isn’t on your clitoris, you put one hand on his chest and the other hand down there and rub it, make sure to give him a nice show. You will experience that this position changes how he feels sliding inside you as well. Being on top (well, for me) means playing with shifting yourself in different angles at different degrees (sitting straight up to almost lying vertical) on a couch or in a chair too, opening yourself to new feelings that feel absolutely amazing for you and your partner. Don’t put too much worry about being graceful on top, sex is about passion and what feels good.

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