What a wife really wants to know when her husband pays for escort service?

Some women may not know that their husbands are seeing escorts until the time they get a proof that the man they are married to is spending on escorts or when they catch something like STD. When women find this out, they become sick, especially if the man is not spending on them or on their children so that they can spend on escorts. When men are found out, most of the time they want to stay with their wives and they give different reasons why they would have decided to visit beautiful Las Vegas call girls. However, most of the time, women will decide to divorce and they do not consider mediation as a solution.

Men want to get what they are missing in their homes

Every woman who is married or not: has always the lingering question in mind why a man would choose to visit as sex work willing. Men can visit an escort if they have a stressful job. They work longer house and they are always under high pressure. Men who have wives and children, they do not consider their home as a place to relax since it is noisy and the wife is busy cooking and it seems as if the man has none to stay with her. When he goes to an escort, everything is different. The escort place is calm and peaceful and she gives all attention to the client. He is able to talk about anything he wants and the escort will listen. When it is time to go to the bed, the escort does everything to make the man happy. Women sometime as they get married and give birth, they lose the interest in sex and the money does not have any other way of satisfying himself than to go to the escorts.

To get sex without emotional attachment

When it comes to sex with an escort, the main reason of an escort to be there is to make the client happy and there are things that an escort is willing to do but a wife cannot do it. Women, sometime think that having sex with their husband is like giving them a favor. This does not mean that the man stops to love the wife and sometime he decides to see escorts as a way of bringing peace in the home and to avoid quarrels. Men even if they go to see escorts, they do everything that their wives do not find out and they do not see themselves losing their wives. For these who have grown up children, also worry about their children finding out what they do.

Men have different excuses to give if they want to go out to meet the escorts. They may say that they are working late or they are going for a drink with their friends who are willing to back them up.

Even if men may be married and really happy with their wives, they may be lacking sex and they want more sex compared to what the wife is able to offer. They decide to see an escort because they do not have to invest into them emotional. When a man goes to see an escort, for them it is like the best compromise. He gets what he is looking for and for him; he is not betraying his wife. Men have also recorded to have improved sex life with their wives after visiting escorts since they feel that they are sexier.

Men who do not have their wives near or who are separated, they turn to prostitution for sexual satisfaction and nothing more.

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